Private Forum does not appear under "Forums" for users

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I have a private forum that I share with a two other users for a project. When the forum members are viewing their Activity stream, this forum does not appear under "Forums".  This makes the private forum slightly more difficult to use compared to a public forum, as they have to find it in contacts, or bookmark the channel in their browser.

Is this the intended behavior for private forums?
There is a feature request to add private forums to the forum widget. It's not easy to do because private forums aren't as easy to identify as public forums are. It can be done, it's just so far down on the priority list that I don't see it happening unless somebody in the community rolls up their sleeves and gives it a go.
Good enough answer for me.  Just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything :)
I had a few minutes waiting for an OS upgrade to finish and managed to squeeze this in. The caveats are that the widget link takes you to the private forum's channel page. This will seem awkward and strange at first, but will help you get in the habit of using the private forum privately.